Jesus Christ: Teacher of Sovereign Grace

from Sep 19, 2015 Category: Articles

Jesus Christ taught the doctrines of grace clearly and convincingly. He did not withhold these towering truths from His public ministry, but openly declared them to all, for all needed to hear them. Whether in the remote places of Galilee or in the religious frenzy of Jerusalem, whether to His own disciples or to the unconverted multitudes, Christ preached God’s sovereignty wherever He went. Provocative to many, yet precious to others, these grace-magnifying truths were a tool by which Christ evangelized unbelievers and edified His followers. In no uncertain terms, Jesus taught that the Father chose His elect in eternity past, then entrusted these chosen ones to Him. Christ explained that He would lay down His life for these same ones, His sheep, and all of them would be effectually drawn by the Spirit to believe upon Him. Not one of them would perish. All the elect would be preserved secure throughout all the ages to come.

Any comprehensive survey of the words of Christ in the gospels plainly reveals these truths. Although each of the four gospel writers makes a unique presentation of Christ’s life and ministry, with many differences in perspective, all of them reveal that the Lord taught the sovereignty of God over the salvation of men.

This excerpt is taken from Foundations of Grace by Steven Lawson.