Iran: Believers and Broadcasts

from Sep 18, 2009 Category: Articles

This past summer has been a fiery trial for believers in Iran. Since the fraudulent elections, the attempted “green revolution,” and the subsequent inauguration of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Christians in Iran, particularly Muslim converts, have undergone direct detainment. 

Our contact, who ministers through Trans World Radio, reports that 110 believers from the Kurdistan parts of Iran, the cities of Rasht, Karaj, Sanadaj, and Kermanshah, and the capital of Tehran have been arrested from house churches where computers, cell phones, books and other items have been confiscated. Out of this 110, many have been released but approximately twenty-five have been detained with seven in solitary confinement since July 31, 2009.

While the internet has become less reliable due to the government slowing the connection, Dr. R.C. Sproul’s teaching is still reaching the area through shortwave radio. Satellite TV has also been targeted by the government, but radio continues to be a trusted source and a great encouragement to believers. Our contact, in addition to being the voice of Dr. Sproul in Persian and Farsi, is also able to travel to a nearby country to encourage believers and has reported the baptism of nineteen converts from Islam.

We praise God for the great work He is doing and ask that you join us in continuing to pray for the situation and the believers in the Middle East.


Marty Banzhaf is the Global Outreach Coordinator for Ligonier Ministries.