Holiness Is Critical for Our Assurance of Salvation

from May 26, 2021 Category: Ligonier Resources

We cannot expect to have great assurance of faith if we are content to exhibit little holiness in our lives. In this brief clip, Joel Beeke comments on the relationship between producing the fruit of salvation and having the assurance of salvation.

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Assurance is critical, because the more assurance you have, the more holiness will flow from your life. And here’s a key thought if you forget everything else I say in this whole mini course. If you remember this, it’ll be worth the course for you. A believer cannot persist in high levels of assurance while he continues in low levels of holiness. I can’t continue in a high level of assurance of the love of my dear wife if both of us are unfaithful in our marital relationship. If we continue in low levels of marital commitment, we can’t have high levels of assurance of our love. Holiness is critical for the maintenance of high levels of assurance.