The Frozen Chosen

from Aug 26, 2010 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

Reformed Christians are sometimes accused of being cold and callous, people who are Christian stoics or even fatalists. We are, to some, “the frozen chosen.” In this article from the August issue of Tabletalk, Keith Mathison suggests that we may have earned this unfortunate nickname. He takes grief as an example of an area in which we may lack biblical balance, unintentionally offending others as we allow our sense of God’s sovereignty to trump our understanding of the reality that death is an unnatural state. He goes on to encourage Christians to grieve well. “Here and now, we grieve with those who grieve, not as unbelievers with no hope of the resurrection, but as believers who know death cannot defeat us, but who still hate this enemy of God and the pain and loneliness it causes to our brothers and sisters. We grieve as those who cannot wait to see death destroyed once and for all.”

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