The Children’s Crusade

from May 31, 2011 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

The month of June is almost upon us, but before turning to that page in the calendar, we’d like to draw your attention to one more article from the May issue of Tabletalk. In that issue R.C. Sproul Jr. penned an article titled “The Children’s Crusade.” It begins in this way:

The Devil delights in false dichotomies. When he persuades us that our choices are between this foolishness and that weakness — heads, he wins; tails, the kingdom loses. When we are lukewarm in our commitment, when we think the kingdom of God is just some ethereal thing that no one can see, the Devil encourages us in just this direction. We see the kingdom as only future, and so we sit on our hands waiting. Such is not, of course, a passionate seeking of His kingdom or His righteousness.

The Devil is not afraid, however, of kingdom zealots. Those whose passion burns to make known the reign of Christ receive a whole different temptation from the Devil. These the Devil encourages to take up arms, to bear the sword. He seduces them into thinking they can make the kingdom come by force.

The first option is a denial that we are at war. The second option is a denial that our weapons are not carnal. The biblical truth is that we are at war and that our armory is stocked with potent, spiritual weapons.

You can read the rest at The Children’s Crusade.