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  • Introductions: The Pentateuch

    from Nathan W. Bingham Apr 28, 2012 Category: Articles

    In January we launched a new series on the blog, "Introductions." Adapting material from The Reformation Study Bible, we began by introducing you to each of the four Gospels, and most recently the books of the Pentateuch. Keep Reading
  • What Should I Do When Feeling Completely Overwhelmed?

    from R.C. Sproul Jr. Apr 14, 2012 Category: Articles

    What should I do when feeling completely overwhelmed, with a "to do" list as long as the Matterhorn is high, while wanting only to pull the bed covers over my head? Keep Reading
  • The Prince’s Poison Cup Desktops

    from Nathan W. Bingham Apr 13, 2012 Category: Articles

    In The Prince's Poison Cup, R.C. Sproul focuses in on the atonement to show that Jesus had to endure the curse of sin in order to redeem His people from their spiritual death. Through Justin Gerard's vivid illustrations, this children's book is brought to life. As we know many of you like to freshen up your desktops with new wallpaper, we are wanting to share some of those beautiful illustrations with you. They are available in a variety of sizes and we encourge you to share them with family and friends.
    Keep Reading