Introducing Blueprint: New from Ligonier Connect

from Nov 21, 2013 Category: Ministry News

Go and make disciples … ” It’s been 2,000 years since those words were spoken, and the Christian church now stretches to every part of the globe.

In God’s wisdom and grace, he builds his church through the shoulder-to-shoulder fellowship of believers learning, teaching, and growing in Christ together. We might call this Sunday School, family devotions, small groups, a coffee break, or a classroom, but when it comes down to it, we’re making disciples. For more than forty years, Ligonier has been providing Christian education materials for disciple makers to instruct the people under their care, in whatever setting they are in.

With the technological innovations of the past decade, we’ve been able to deliver instructional materials further and faster than we ever imagined. Our entire library can fit in your pocket, and a video lecture from R.C. Sproul or other trusted teachers are just one tap away. However, with the proliferation of material available at our fingertips there comes a danger of individual believers losing touch with an essential element of true discipleship: human beings in fellowship with one another, within a vibrant Bible-believing community.

That’s why we have always sought to work with the local church, providing materials to be studied in the context of a Bible-believing community. It’s also why we are launching an ambitious new education tool for Christians. We call it Blueprint.

God builds his church through the shoulder-to-shoulder fellowship of believers learning, teaching, and growing in Christ together

As a disciple maker, you know the spiritual maturity and the needs of the people under your care. You can apply the instructional materials individually and mentor them as they grow. Blueprint unites these two critical ingredients of discipleship: instruction and community.

Blueprint is an online learning platform that comes with over 45 instructional courses from trusted pastors and theologians. You can choose which courses to offer and invite your members in minutes. You can even customize your classes with your own learning steps, discussion questions, and content.

Blueprint gives you a window into everything your members are learning. You can see each member’s progress at a glance and assign courses to individuals and groups. You’ll also have simple tools for posting and answering questions, setting due dates, and leaving helpful feedback as they make progress each week. All of this is completely private and safe.

In the context of a local church, at school, at home, or even on the mission field, Blueprint greatly multiplies the effect of your instructional efforts, making it easier to educate and engage disciples as Jesus builds his Church.

Blueprint extends the powerful software developed for Ligonier Connect. It’s for churches, schools, ministries, and families … anyone who wants to create their own online learning center for Christian growth and discipleship.

To learn more about Blueprint or to share this new discipleship tool with your ministry leaders, watch the Blueprint video, visit the Blueprint website, or join our free overview course, Blueprint 101.