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  • Geneva - Ligonier Reformation Tour 2009

    from Chris Larson Jun 13, 2009 Category: Articles

    As many people now know, the year 2009 marks the 500th anniversary of the birth of John Calvin, one of the most important figures in Western civilization. Through his faithful ministry of writing, preaching and teaching in Geneva, Calvin left a legacy that continues to impact the world to this day. Dr. Sproul ascended into the high pulpit in St. Pierre and reflected on the life and work of John Calvin, focusing in particular on his work as the theologian of the Reformation. Keep Reading
  • Top 5 Commentaries on the Book of Malachi

    from Keith Mathison Jun 13, 2009 Category: Articles

    The book of Malachi is the last of the twelve Minor Prophets, and little is known of the author himself aside from what may be inferred from the contents of his book. There are a number of helpful commentaries on the Book of Malachi, and the following are five of the best.    Keep Reading
  • Telling the Truth

    from Robert Rothwell Jun 12, 2009 Category: Articles

    When I was about four or five years old, my mother found the letter "F" scribbled in crayon on the hallway wall of our home. Since my brother would have been about three and my sister barely a year old, it was clear that I was the culprit, for I had been learning to write in preschool. Therefore, my mother asked me who wrote on the wall so that I might come clean about my misdeed. Keep Reading
  • Federally Backed Security

    from Chris Larson Jun 11, 2009 Category: Articles

    Nations are currently experiencing the most volatile economic period in a generation. Many investors here in America have made moves to reduce their risk and put their treasure into securities backed by the U.S. federal government. The government gives us its word that it will guarantee deposits up to a certain amount. If that institution falters, will our financial peace of mind endure? Keep Reading
  • Ligonier Leadership Conference: October 20-22

    from Karisa Schlehr Jun 10, 2009 Category: Articles

    Whether you are a pastor, Sunday school teacher, elder, deacon, women's ministry director, missionary, youth leader, seminary educator or student, we invite all church leaders and teachers to join Drs. Ligon Duncan, Sinclair Ferguson, Steven Lawson, and R.C. Sproul as they endeavor to equip you for effective, biblical ministry based upon the essential truths of the Christian faith. Our hope is to provide an annual event for entire church staff and leaders to come as a team and unify their vision for the next year of ministry. Keep Reading
  • Sing to the Glory of God: Get Sheet Music by R.C. Sproul

    from Karisa Schlehr Jun 09, 2009 Category: Articles

    The goal of Ligonier Ministries' music department is to produce music that exalts Christ and supports the teaching of the Word. Now available at is sheet music (SATB) with words by R.C. Sproul. These titles will make a beautiful addition to any worship service. Keep Reading
  • Evangelizing the World

    from Lane Keister Jun 08, 2009 Category: Articles

    All people are supposed to hear the good news of Jesus Christ crucified and resurrected from the dead. Not only are all people supposed to hear that salvation has been accomplished in history, they are to hear that any who repent of their sin and turn in faith to Jesus will actually possess the benefits of that accomplished salvation as well. In other words, those who offer the gospel are to sow the seed personally and indiscriminately, and are not to be discouraged when many people reject the message. Keep Reading
  • Trusting God’s Judgment

    from R.C. Sproul Jun 07, 2009 Category: Articles

    If we're children of Christ and we stand before the judgment seat of God on the last day and God says to us, "You're covered by the blood of my Son, and it's a good thing, because you did this, this, this, this, and this," we won't say, "But, Lord, I did this in Your name, I did that in Your name. You really aren't being fair." Keep Reading
  • Top 5 Commentaries on the Epistles of John

    from Keith Mathison Jun 06, 2009 Category: Articles

    The three epistles of John were likely written from Ephesus between A.D. 80 and 85. This would make them among the last New Testament books to be written. There are a number of helpful commentaries on the Epistles of John, and the following are five of the best.   Keep Reading
  • Resources Designed to Answer Ultimate Questions

    from Karisa Schlehr Jun 05, 2009 Category: Ligonier Resources

    Ligonier Ministries' 2009 Summer Fall Catalog is now available. Find resources designed to answer the ultimate questions of life and faith, such as "How can I know the Bible is true?" and "How do I respond to the cultural beliefs around me?" Learn more about Dr. Sproul's newest book, The Prayer of the Lord, upcoming conferences, and find a mini-index of all of the resources carried by Ligonier. Keep Reading