The chief principle that guides our ministry is the sanctity of truth. Though we seek to persuade, exhort, and encourage people, we carefully avoid methods that manipulate, such as imposing false guilt, or exaggerating benefits or the ministry’s needs. Therefore, we commit to the following standards:

  • We will not make “crisis appeals” even if a financial crisis exists. 
  • We will not badger people for donations or sales. 
  • We will not use “bait-and-switch” tactics in sales. 
  • We will not use false discounts on pricing of products. 
  • We will not promise false benefits that we cannot guarantee. 
  • We will not dispute students’ complaints regarding defective products. 
  • We will endeavor to focus on our students’ needs rather than our own. 
  • We will be courteous and polite with all of our students. 
  • We will be prompt in responding to orders and donations. 
  • We will use designated funds according to their designation. 
  • We will use funds raised for a particular project only for that project.

As stewards who must give an account to the Lord, it is our aim to develop these principles of conduct in our employees:

An Attitude of Service

  • Understanding and exceeding the expectations of our constituents.
  • Developing biblically orthodox products and services to improve the lives of people throughout the world. 
  • Providing professional leadership and personal development directed by God’s Word.

A Passion for Integrity

  • Complying with all regulatory standards and requirements. 
  • Striving for excellence by continually analyzing and improving all aspects of service and production. 
  • Fostering mutually beneficial relationships through transparency, loyalty, and reliability.

A Legacy of Faithfulness

  • Committing the organization to biblical inerrancy and doctrinal orthodoxy.
  • Producing products and services consistent with Dr. Sproul’s lifetime of ministry.
  • Ensuring good stewardship of resources.