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You’ve heard of Reformed theology, but you’re not certain what it is. Some references to it have been positive, some negative. It appears to be important, and you’d like to know more about it. And you want a full explanation, not a simplistic one. 

Few evangelical Christians today understand Reformed theology. They know it has something to do with predestination, and they may have heard of “the five points.” But they can’t name these points, and they think no one believes most of them anymore. Dr. Sproul says there’s more to Reformed theology than these five points. Reformed theology reveals just how awesome the grace of God is. 

The roots of evangelical Christianity are found in the soil of the sixteenth century Protestant Reformation, which brought a return of true biblical theology to the world. In this series, Dr. Sproul offers an introduction to Reformed theology, the heart of historical evangelicalism. C.H. Spurgeon once said that Reformed theology is nothing other than biblical Christianity.


Transformed by truth

tom ley

I read this years ago when it was titled Grace Unknown. For me it was a true Berean experience. As R C explained the history and teachings of the reformation, so much of what I knew of scripture started to make perfect sense, and I came to the realization that what was being taught was absolutely biblical. It was also the most humbling moment when my "Arminian" leanings died, realizing I stood before God with absolutely nothing in my hands. Read this book.

Essential Reading

Jack Finnamore

Last night I again finished "What Is Reformed Theology" for the 4th time. It is one of the most important books available for lay people, it should be assimilated into the mind and heart of every Christian.

A great book!


When I read this book (for the second time) I became convinced that the Reformed understanding of scripture is the most faithful to the text of God's word. This book is a great introduction to Reformed theology. I highly recommend it.

No longer a 3 point Calvinist

C. Meriwether

I never fully accepted the doctrine of election until I read this book. I fell into the confused group of people who refer to themselves as three point Calvinists. In this book, Dr. Sproul convinced me of the scriptural foundation and all-or-nothing nature of the doctrines of grace. I finally realized that I had never fully comprehended the meaning of total depravity. Once he helped me to understand that, accepting the rest was just a matter of submitting my stuborn resistance.