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  • The New Birth

    Teaching Series by Steven Lawson

    Twelve 23-Minute Messages”Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdomof God” (John 3:3) Christians often describe themselves as “born again.” While this phrase is familiar to many, people rarely explain what they mean when they use it. Unfortunately, talk … Learn More

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  • Finally Alive

    Book by John Piper

     J.I. Packer was recently asked which theological issues he would commend young Christian leaders to study in order to be prepared for the next fifty years. His number one answer was “Regeneration” — He said that the doctrine of regeneration … Learn More

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  • Redemption Accomplished and Applied

    Book by John Murray

    Did Christ die for all people without exception or only for those whom He came to save? Why was the atonement even necessary at all? Does faith precede regeneration or does regeneration precede faith? What is the order in which … Learn More

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  • Born Again

    Teaching Series by R.C. Sproul

    In this series, R.C. Sproul examines why a person must be born again if he or she is to be reconciled to our holy Creator. He details what spiritual regeneration means, as well as its cause, its effects, and its … Learn More

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