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This CD features J. Marty Cope on one of the world’s largest pipe organs, performing arrangements of hymns and other sacred music. Accompanied by Tim Zimmerman and the King’s Brass, this recording is excellent for private and family worship.

Total time: 53:42

A Thousand Voices Media
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_01.mp3 Audio: O That I Had a Thousand Voices, "Energico"
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_02s.mp3 Audio: O That I Had a Thousand Voices, "Allegretto"
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_03s.mp3 Audio: Festive Postlude in G Major
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_04.mp3 Audio: Prelude in G Major
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_05s.mp3 Audio: Christ the Lord is Risen Today
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_06s.mp3 Audio: Jesus Paid It All
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_07s.mp3 Audio: The Promised Land
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_08s.mp3 Audio: A Mighty Fortress
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_09s.mp3 Audio: Psalm Prelude on Psalm 34:6
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_10s.mp3 Audio: Tuba Tune
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_11s.mp3 Audio: All Hail the Power
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_12s.mp3 Audio: Prelude on "Beach Spring"
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_13s.mp3 Audio: Abide With Me
http://s3.amazonaws.com/ligonier-static-media/uploads/attachments/store_product/1461/THO02CI_14s.mp3 Audio: Grand Chorus Dialog


Hear the organ praise again ...for the first time

Jonathan Wedel

If you even have a mild appreciation for organ music, you may surprise yourself slipping into your choir voice while listening to this CD. J. Marty's style is refreshing and energetic. And you'll be hard pressed to find something comparable to the King's Brass playing alongside the organ. This is not one of those CDs you buy for that one special track. Each hymn is interpreted in its own unique style, giving the entire CD a touch of heavenly glory you'll want to hear over and over as though it were your first time.