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In The Evil of Evils, Jeremiah Burroughs constantly repeats his primary theme: It is better to choose affliction than sin. In a culture that disregards the significance of sin, this book can help Christians recognize the seriousness of sin and learn to avoid and hate it.

This is one of the rarest of his books to find on the antiquarian market, and normally sells for hundreds of dollars when a copy can be found.  Dr. J.I. Packer highly recommends this work on his love affair with the Puritans, A Quest for Godliness.

This treatise has one recurring theme: it is better to choose afflictions than sin. What a different message this is from what is being propagated today from many pulpits, religious radio or television! Anything but affliction! But Burroughs, ever the master at handling Scripture and expounding godly wisdom, shows that nothing is to be more feared than sin, nothing is to be more avoided than sin, and nothing is to be more hated than sin.

May it please God to use this book, back in print after nearly 350 years, to give us once again a dread of sin, a hatred for sin, and a love for holiness.


Opens the Wickedness of Sins in Its Fullness

Devan J.

I have never read a book that opens the wickedness of sin in such a full way as this book. Reading this book has shown me the true heinous nature of my sins and has taught me what it means to be humbled for sin correctly. It is a must read for those who are seeking to have their hearts humbled for their sins. Or those who are perplexed by the hardness of their hearts. However, I would recommend reading another book dealing with reconciliation and/or the covenant of grace in tandem with this one <b>after</b> you've been humbled aright.