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If you are a true believer, Satan hates you because you bear the image of Christ and because you were snatched from his power. You deserted Satan and he wants you back. He wants to sift you like wheat. While we should not overestimate Satan’s power, to our peril we underestimate an enemy who is living, intelligent, resourceful and cunning.

Every Christian is in a battle, which is fierce, spiritual and necessary. It is a battle between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to know the enemy — his personality, his strategies, his weaknesses, his defeat on Calvary and his final judgement.

In a day when society has, in many ways, placed itself under Satan’s rule, when Satanism is flourishing in Western nations, when certain branches of the church are preoccupied with ‘deliverance ministries’, while others deny the devil’s existence, Dr. Beeke’s book is a sober, practical perspective on this vital subject. He states, ‘we must know our enemy … we must know how to withstand him and what spiritual weapons to take up against him. We must defeat him by faith, through lives that bear fruit and spread the truth.’