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Inspired by The Valley of Vision, Donald Bradley Kelley created Puritan Sketches to communicate the truth and passion of these Puritan prayers through music. The Valley of Vision is a selection of petitions and meditations in the Puritan tradition.

Puritan Sketches Media Audio: Gracious Lord, Thy Name is Love Audio: God, The Holy Trinity Audio: I Bless Thee Audio: The Worth of Jesus Audio: The Means of Grace Audio: Thou Hast Created Audio: The Lord's Given Place Audio: Called by the Spirit Audio: A Stranger and a Pilgrim Audio: Lord of the Oceans Audio: Thou Great I Am Audio: To Glorify Thee




These songs are great, wonderful and truly shows us how great it is when we sing unto the Lord. These songs are based on truth and singing is apart of the routine of the Christian.

The captured depth and passion of prayer.

Dave Moore

The written prayers in "The Valley of Vision" are profound expressions of the depth of Christian faith. The music of "Puritan Sketches" captures that depth, but also breathes with passion, worship, and warmth. I found myself drawn into a "quiet heart," brought before a glorious throne, and invited to journey in gratitude, humility and awe. I highly recommend this cd, and I'm using it in personal devotion and as part of the discipleship journey with others.