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Reverence has nearly vanished in our day. We have become irreverent towards holy things through our ignorance of God and His holiness. Were we to have Isaiah’s vision of the holiness of God, we would be changed indeed.

Fear, in Scripture, is usually a synonym for “awe” or “reverence.” If we consider Psalm 138:2, which calls us to revere the name of God, how great our obligation must be to revere the Word of God! In this highly-respected work, Jeremiah Burroughs addresses the importance of having a reverence for God’s Word. We are told in Scripture that God will look to the one who trembles at His Word (Isa. 66:2). May God infuse His Church with such an awe and reverence for that Word.

Jeremiah Burroughs is a must-read puritan author. He represents the best of that movement, especially in this book, which explains what it means to revere the Lord.”
—R.C. Sproul