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Based on the text from Isaiah, this hymn written by R.C. Sproul gives a vivid depiction of the holiness of God. This hymn would make a beautiful addition to any worship service or sacred setting. Music by Stuart Sacks.

Sheet music. SATB.

Seated on the ether throne, Above all mortal view; 
The King supreme in glory sat, Bathed in refulgent hue;

Chorus: Holy, holy, holy, cried the seraph throng;
Glory to the Holy One, Is the angel’s song.

All around the mercy seat the winged creatures sang;
Glory to our God on high, Their poignant anthem rang;

Shielded eyes and covered feet, The angels hovered high, 
While glory shook the portal walls, And smoke rose to the sky.

Woe is me, the creature wailed, His face upon the floor,
With dirty lips and loathsome tongue His heart could stand no more.

Come, angel quick and purge my lips, Make pure my soul anew;
And I shall rise and stand again, And I will go for You.