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Desiring God 25th Anniversary Reference Edition

For a quarter century, Desiring God has powerfully delivered the message that the over-arching purpose of human life is to “glorify God by enjoying Him forever.” Now considered a modern classic, the book’s impact is profound and timeless.

I do not come to the Bible with a hedonistic theory of moral justification. On the contrary, I find in the Bible a divine command to be a pleasure-seeker—that is, to forsake the two-bit, low-yield, short-term, never-satisfying, person-destroying, God-belittling pleasures of the world and to sell everything ‘with joy’ (Matthew 13:44) in order to have the kingdom of heaven and thus ‘enter into the joy of your master’ (Matthew 25:21). In short, I am a Christian Hedonist not for any philosophical or theoretical reason, but because God commands it (though He doesn’t command that you use these labels!)….

Only one thing ultimately matters: glorifying God the way He has appointed. That is why I am a Christian Hedonist. That is why I wrote this book.”

—John Piper