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This hymn serves as a fervent prayer for the Holy Spirit’s application of Christ’s benefits to His people that they might be moved to whole-hearted devotion and service. Appropriate for general use as well as communion, Advent, Pentecost, and mission’s services. Music by Stuart Sacks.

Sheet music. SATB.

Come, O Lamb of God to save;
Our hearts are chilled with fear.
Raise our souls from torpid daze
And send Thy Spirit near.

Chorus: We rise to Thee from bended knee,
Your summons to obey.
We give our love, our hearts, our all
To do whate’er You say.

Enflame our spirits by Thy pow’r
Our zeal to persevere.
Give life and breath to passive saints
To truth that You hold dear.

Rise forth Thou King of Judah’s see,
That we might never fall.
Give strength and might that we may heed
Thy sacred royal call.

We love thy Law, O precious Lord,
It brightens ev’ry path.
In it we see Thy perfect rule
Thy mercy and Thy wrath.