We rely on the grace of God and the support of friends like you to continue broadcasting.

The costs of broadcasting Renewing Your Mind on radio outlets around the world are significant. Additionally, many of Dr. Sproul's older teaching series need reformatting and editing before being broadcast. Many series that have never been released need to be re-mastered and preserved before they deteriorate.

To do this, we need your help. You can:

  • Pray: we are always blessed to know that our brothers and sisters are praying faithfully and deliberately for us.
  • Donate or Partner With Us: our donors and monthly partners are the core of our support. No matter the amount of the gift, we are constantly encouraged by the generosity of our listeners and Partners.
  • Tell Others: when you tell a friend, family member, or your church about Renewing Your Mind, you enable us to reach out to more people. Many of our supporters were introduced to the ministry by someone that they know.

Thank you for your thoughtful support of Renewing Your Mind.