• The Remission of Sins by

    When God sets His holy gaze into the hearts of men, He sees sin and wickedness embedded deep in us. What can possibly remedy the effects of this plague on our souls? When the filth of sin has stained your …

  • Resurrection and Justification by

    The resurrection of Jesus is a key topic in the realm of apologetics, but what is the importance of the resurrection to the gospel message? What does Jesus’ resurrection have to do with our justification? Thinking of these questions in …

  • A Righteousness from God by

  • Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 1) by

    Many members of the Protestant church today do not understand properly their origins and the nature of their predecessors “protest” against the Roman Catholic Church. When asked about the respective differences, they may respond with some stereotypical answers such as …

  • Roman Catholic View of Justification (Part 2) by

    Would it surprise you to learn that current Roman Catholic doctrine declares all Protestants accursed? Remarkably, if probed, most Protestants would respond in disbelief to this proposition. Yet, it holds true, and the Roman church maintains the same stance today …

  • Rome’s Objections Answered by

    Secular culture and even some professing evangelicals often describe God as an all-forgiving, cuddly being intent on accepting all people from all walks of life into his ever-accepting arms. As such, it advocates freedom to act in whatever way feels …

  • Saving Faith by

    At the time of the Reformation, a question arose that received much attention asking, “What really is saving faith?” Among the Antinomian, the Roman Catholic, and the Protestant Reformer, the understanding of “Saving Faith” will vary. As he sifts through …

  • The Selling of Indulgences by

    What if the coins in your pocket could free your loved ones from suffering under God’s wrath and send them straight to heaven? Dr. Sproul brings us back to the sixteenth century when people fell victim to the common …

  • Synthetic Justification by

    What kind of justification do you have? Chances are you may have never even considered what kind of justification you possess. In this message, Dr. Sproul explains the different kinds of justification, and the type that you need.

  • Theology Matters: Peace with God by

    Why does the believer in Christ not fear the wrath that is justly due to his or her sins? James White from Alpha and Omega Ministries examines this question.

  • These He Also Glorified by

    This lecture will remind us that justification is not the end of the story. God has promised to make us righteous, and we can be confident that He will fulfill His promises.

  • What Does a Biblical Ecumenacism Look Like? by

    Ligon Duncan explains what a biblical ecumenacism looks like.

  • Why Has Wright Struck Such a Chord? by

    Sinclair Ferguson and Ligon Duncan explain why N.T. Wright has struck such a chord with the evangelical community.

  • Wright’s Stance on the Perseverance of the Saints by

    Ligon Duncan answers the question, “Does Wright’s stance on the perseverance of the saints relieve him from legitimate scrutiny on justification?”