• Final Resurrection and Reward

    Daniel 12

    God’s elect will most certainly persevere until the end, and the elect know that they are elect only as they persevere (Phil. 1:6). Daniel shows us how those who truly know the Lord are faithful to Him when they ...Read More

  • Earthly Enforcers

    Daniel 12:1

    Knowing that the Lord has an army in heaven who wages war against His enemies is very encouraging. Since we are His people, we know that Godā€™s angels are fighting on our behalf and advancing the good plans our ...Read More

  • The Duality of Man

    Daniel 12:1ā€“2

    The Bible teaches duality ā€” man is composed of body and soul that exist together harmoniously. This is different from dualism ā€” body and soul are opposed to one another. We must be careful to take care of our bodies by eating ...Read More