• God’s Loving, Personal Knowledge

    Psalm 139:13-24

    Our knowledge of God’s character not only encourages us to pray but it also helps keep us from sin. John Calvin writes, “One great reason of the carnal security into which we fall, is our not considering how singularly ...Read More

  • The King and the Law

    Jeremiah 22

    Jesus is the true Son of David who keeps the law of God perfectly and thereby has earned the right to rule and reign over His people forever. Unlike many of the kings and authorities of this world, Jesus never ...Read More

  • God Chooses Israel’s King

    1 Samuel 16:1–13

    Men and women after God’s own heart are sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit and strive not to quench Him as He convicts us of sin and guides us in righteousness. One of the best ways to ...Read More

  • The Monarchy Instituted

    Deuteronomy 17:14–20

    For decades, presidents, parliaments, and other ruling bodies in our country and around the world have paid lip service to the rule of law while acting as if they are above the laws of the land. We can do something ...Read More

  • Establishing Justice

    2 Samuel 10:6–19

    The kindnesses and victories of David presaged those of his great descendant, Jesus Christ. He fought for the good of his people, and so does our Lord Jesus. If you are a believer, you are a citizen of the kingdom ...Read More

  • A Home at Last

    2 Samuel 5:11–16

    David understood that God gave Israel a king for the good of the people. In the same way, He gives leaders to His church for the good of those in the pews. This fact implies that leaders are to be ...Read More

  • What a King Should Do

    1 Samuel 23:1–13

    David was willing to do good for his people even though he was being treated very shabbily. How like our Lord Jesus, who was willing to give His all for His people despite our sin and rebellion against His rule ...Read More

  • The “Madness” of Exile

    1 Samuel 21:10–15

    In his desperation and fear, David was living as if God had abandoned him, as if he had to rely on his own devices. Nothing was further from the truth, for God promises that He is always with His people ...Read More

  • The Holy City

    Isaiah 52:1–10

    What community do you call “home”? Is your allegiance to the holy city or to a mere earthly town? This is more than a play on words—believers truly need to understand that their citizenship, and the allegiance it requires ...Read More

  • This One Shall Reign”

    1 Samuel 9:11–17

    In His wrath, God remembers mercy. He sees the people’s request for a king as both a rejection of Himself and as a cry for deliverance. Thus, in one man He sends blessing and chastening. In the same way ...Read More