• Language, Logic, and God by

    What is it that separates us from animals, and why are the pragmatists ignoring it? Actually there are many things that separate us from the animal kingdom. This is recognized even among the pragmatic educators of our day. So why …

  • Objections Answered by

  • OPTIONAL SESSION: Thriving at College by

    In this session, Alex Chediak discusses the most common mistakes that college students make — and how to avoid them. Related Resource: Thriving at College

  • Questions and Answers by

    Where does the heart of education belong, in the church, the state, or somewhere else? Whose responsibility is it to educate the next generation? In this message, Dr. Sproul is joined by Dr. RC Sproul Jr. to discuss the current …

  • Rethinking the Model by

  • Socrates or Sophism? by

    There is a crisis in our educational system today. But this modern-day crisis is not all that new. In fact, the early Greek philosophers were engaged in same debate over education, knowledge, and truth. What hangs in the balance is …

  • The Content of Teaching by

    In the third message of this series, Dr. Sproul Jr. focuses his attention on the content of Christian education.  He explains what Christians should teach their children, and expresses concern over the education of covenant children, for it does not …

  • The Covenant of Christian Education by

    Very few people deny the importance of both education and the educator.  Dr. Sproul Jr. examines further the value of education and the teacher, declaring the task of instructing as not only a primary, Christian responsibility, but a tremendous blessing.  

  • The Goal of Education by

      It seems today that everyone’s goal is to get a good education, but what exactly is the goal of education? How will we know if we’ve reached it? In this message, Dr. Sproul shows us the goal of …

  • The Goal of Education by

    The covenant family endeavors to train up its children in righteousness, yet popular culture makes achieving this goal increasingly difficult. Dr. Sproul Jr. examines this issue in an attempt to encourage Christians in this task, as well as to prompt …

  • The God Who Acts by

    R.C. Sproul Jr. moves from the responsibility of education in the covenantal context and focuses on God and His actions in human history. He encourages Christians to teach their children about God’s sovereignty over all things throughout all …

  • The Great Book Program by

    In this special pre-conference message, George Grant explores how the church has always understood education as nothing more than the transfer of God’s wisdom from one generation to the next.

  • The Myth of Neutral Education by

    Whose agenda is dictating your child’s education? Is there a learning environment where a child can learn the things of this world without getting someone else’s political and religious agenda? In this message, Dr. Sproul explains how removing …

  • Theology in Dialogue by , , , ,

    Voddie Baucham, George Grant, Michael Morales, R.C. Sproul and R.C. Sproul Jr. engage in a discussion about theology and topics such as education, discipleship, the solas, and the character of God.

  • The Parents Calling by