• Compassion and Power

    Isaiah 9:6–7

    The people of Israel had much to ponder when this prophecy was given. And it still has much to teach us today, for it speaks powerfully of the combination of Fatherly compassion that drives God’s salvific work and the ...Read More

  • Healing on the Way

    Matthew 20:29–34

    When we do the work of ministry it can be easy to get so caught up in the big plans and programs we have going that we miss the needs of certain individuals among us. As followers of Jesus, we ...Read More

  • The Lord’s Tender Compassion

    Hosea 11:8–12

    We must be profoundly grateful for the grace of God, for it means He does not give up on those whom He loves even though we do much every day that should prompt Him to abandon us. This is a ...Read More