• Every Knee Will Bow by

    The work of God did not cease at the death of Christ. In this message, Dr. Michael Morales considers what God is doing in post-ascension history, focusing on how Jesus is not only bringing all things under subjection, but also …

  • The Return by

    At the ascension of Christ, the disciples were promised that Jesus would come again, and the second coming of Christ has remained the church’s blessed hope ever since. The second coming has also been the source of great controversy …

  • Ascension by

    Christians spend a great deal of time thinking about the birth, death, resurrection, and Second Coming of Jesus, but the ascension of Christ is often overlooked. Yet the ascension was the event that marked Christ’s enthronement, His return to …

  • Exalted to the Right Hand of God: The Resurrection and the Ascension by

    Michael Horton looks at the connection between the resurrection of Christ and His ascension to the right hand of the Father. He also explores the kingdom implications of the resurrection.  

  • The Ascension by

  • The Ascension by