• Our Faithful God

    Genesis 15:1-21

    God has two “choices”: He can keep His promise or He can die. But since God, in fact, cannot die because of His very nature, there is only one real option left to Him when He makes a covenant, and ...Read More

  • Faith and Sanctification

    Acts 26:12-18

    Even our progressive sanctification—our life of growing in holiness that is the necessary fruit of justification—depends on faith. By faith, we grow in Christ, trusting in the promises of God so completely that we actually end up following His commandments. ...Read More

  • Keeping Grace Gracious

    Romans 11:6

    All true Christians have a desire to obey God, but how do we separate that from our trusting in our own works? We know that we are trusting in our righteousness when we begin to think that our standing before ...Read More

  • Justification and Our Good Works

    James 2:20-26

    John Calvin also comments that the doctrine of justification by faith alone does not make good works superfluous, but it only takes “away from them the power of conferring righteousness, because they cannot stand before the tribunal of God.” Our ...Read More

  • What is Saving Faith?

    James 2:14-19

    By placing ourselves in Christ’s hands for salvation, we are not denying that saving faith is essentially something that one receives. That is because when we trust in Christ, we are not saying, “Here we are, and you are lucky ...Read More

  • Why Faith?

    Ephesians 2:8-10

    In our justification, we are like beggars before God. All we present is an open hand, asking the Lord for His mercy and grace. Justifying faith is conscious that we deserve nothing but condemnation and does not try to make ...Read More

  • Not by Any of Our Works

    Romans 4:9-12

    Justification is by faith alone. We must be clear on that word alone, for without it we do not have the gospel. If we try to add one work of ours to Christ, then we are accountable to do all ...Read More

  • Justification and Sin

    Romans 4:6-8

    Nothing can change the fact that we have sinned. But what can change is our status before God’s judgment seat. In justification, our sin and guilt are removed and we are covered by Christ’s obedience, enabling God to declare us ...Read More

  • Faith and Righteousness

    Romans 4:1-5

    On an earthly level, we consider it unjust for a person to be tried for the same crime twice. So it is in our justification by God. It would be unjust for Him to declare us righteous and then go ...Read More

  • Faith and justification

    Habakkuk 2:4

    t is easy to look at the wickedness in the world and believe that since we are comparatively more righteous, God approves of us based on our works. In reality, however, none of us has met the perfect standard, so ...Read More