Dealing With The Issues — Biblical Orthodoxy



What do the intertestamental period, the image of God, Johann Sebastian Bach, and revivalism have in common? The answer is that at one time or another, each has been the theme of an issue of Tabletalk. Every year, the editors of Tabletalk meet to determine the topics to be covered throughout the following year. Some topics, such as our century-by-century examination of the history of the church, are recurring. The remaining issues are devoted to different biblical, theological, historical, cultural, and practical issues of importance to the church.

In each issue of Tabletalk, four feature articles, the pastor’s perspective article, and three columns are devoted to the main theme of that particular issue. As the editors meet to discuss each individual issue of Tabletalk, one of our first goals is to determine how the feature articles will address the main theme — be it the second century of the church or the second coming of Christ. 

The first feature article is R.C. Sproul’s “Right Now Counts Forever.” In this article, R.C. introduces the theme of the issue in his own inimitable style. For the remaining articles, the editors attempt to find conservative evangelical scholars and teachers who are not only able to address the issue competently, but who are also able to write in a clear and comprehensible way (a gift that not all scholars possess). The pastor’s perspective is, as the title indicates, a look at the main theme of the issue from the perspective of a pastor. The authors of these articles apply the topic to the concerns of the local church. 

The overarching goal of the feature articles is to provide instruction from a solidly Christian perspective on a wide-ranging variety of topics. The significance of many of the topics will be self-evident to readers. Other topics may cause some to scratch their heads. Some topics will be of interest to one group of readers, while other topics will be of interest to a different group. Whether the importance or relevance of a particular issue is immediately apparent, the editors encourage all of our readers to take a look at the feature articles every month. You may be surprised at what you discover.  


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