2017 Winter Conference at Reformation Bible College

Dear Friend,

The Word of God has shaped the people of God in every generation. This was true of the early church, it's true in our day. When the church fathers had questions about theology and needed to define doctrine, they turned to sacred Scripture as the only divinely inspired and infallible authority for faith and life.

We can learn much from the early church's use of Scripture as we face controversies and challenges in our own day. To that end, Reformation Bible College's 2017 Winter Conference will address the topic "Scripture in the Early Church." We invite you to join us on January 16, 2017, as we address topics such as early Christian preaching, Augustine's use of Scripture, the development of the biblical canon, and other topics. Our plenary speakers will be Drs. Michael Haykin, Michael Kruger, and Stephen Nichols. Reformation Bible College professors, including Drs. David Briones, Keith Mathison, and John Tweeddale, will lead special breakout sessions at this event.

This promises to be an exciting time of fellowship and learning as we seek to understand how to better apply God’s Word to our lives. Will you consider joining us this winter?

In Christ,

R.C. Sproul


  • Michael  Haykin Michael Haykin
  • Michael Kruger Michael Kruger
  • Stephen Nichols Stephen Nichols
  • R.C. Sproul R.C. Sproul