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  • The Most Dangerous Place On Earth

    from Steven Lawson Jan 30, 2016 Category: Articles

    There is no more dangerous place to be than where the direct, straightforward teaching of the Word of God confronts dead religion. As long as dead religion is allowed to sleep the sleep of death, all continues placidly and peaceably. But when the truth of Scripture challenges empty religion, a cataclysmic collision is sure to result. This is because whenever the Word is taught in houses of worship that are devoid of gospel truth, hell is aggravated. Keep Reading
  • The Centerpiece of God’s Saving Purpose in the Universe

    from Steven Lawson Dec 26, 2015 Category: Articles

    What is God's glory? The Bible speaks of God's glory in two primary ways. First, there is the intrinsic glory of God, which is the sum total of all His divine perfections and attributes. It is who God is—His infinitely vast greatness. Keep Reading
  • Unclean: Leviticus and Total Depravity

    from Steven Lawson Dec 05, 2015 Category: Articles

    The word unclean is used more than one hundred times in Leviticus 11–15. It is an apt description of the condition of the people; they were morally unclean because of their failure to obey God's commands. Keep Reading
  • Announcing The Institute for Expository Preaching Events for 2016

    from Steven Lawson Nov 23, 2015 Category: Ministry News

    In these truth-starved days, we must be bold in our proclamation of God's Word. OnePassion Ministries has partnered with Ligonier to host events to equip and encourage anyone who teaches and preaches the Word of God. Keep Reading