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  • Carnal Peace

    from R.C. Sproul Apr 26, 2014 Category: Articles

    The message of the false prophets of Israel was one of peace. But their peace was an illusion. They preached peace when there was no peace, or what Luther called a carnal peace. Keep Reading
  • Abraham’s Great Act of Faith

    from R.C. Sproul Apr 12, 2014 Category: Articles

    Apart from Christ's obedient sacrifice, probably the greatest act of faith in fear and trembling recorded in all of Scripture is the obedient response of Abraham when God commanded him to sacrifice his son Isaac. Keep Reading
  • Why Do We Major in the Minors?

    from R.C. Sproul Apr 05, 2014 Category: Articles

    The Pharisees distorted the emphasis of biblical righteousness to suit their own behavioral patterns of self-justification. Jesus frequently confronted the Pharisees on this point. Keep Reading