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  • Renaming Sin

    from James Boice Nov 21, 2015 Category: Articles

    Three hundred years is a long time. What kept Enoch walking with God for three hundred years? He had an awareness of judgment coming. Keep Reading
  • The Hardest Day of the Week

    from James Boice Jan 18, 2009 Category: Articles

    [New] life begins to grow within, and just as in the case of pregnancy there is a period when a woman is not even aware that she is pregnant, so there can be the same thing spiritually. The life is there, but the person does not yet know what has happened. However, things are starting to change. The person is beginning to have an interest in spiritual things. He finds himself hungering for the Word of God. He reads it. He begins to feed upon it. Keep Reading
  • The Faithful Preaching of the Word

    from James Boice Jan 04, 2009 Category: Articles

    Many things are talked about as necessary for the health and growth of the church today. People talk about certain programs as essential. It is true that they are important. We have such a diversified culture that people have their own individual problems. The family is fragmented, and the kind of reinforcement along Christian lines that ought to take place in homes does not always take place. The church is trying to minister specifically at these points through programs. Still, if you think back to the time of the Great Awakening in this country, you will realize that churches at that time had hardly any programs at all, at least nothing that we would recognize as programs. There were no youth groups, no graded Sunday schools, no bowling leagues, no baseball teams. But those churches were healthy. Why? Because they had the faithful preaching of the Word. Keep Reading