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Suddenly, Master Peter had an idea. He could ask his hero, Martin Luther, to teach him how to pray! After all, the great reformer was there, sitting in his very own barber chair, waiting patiently for Peter to cut his hair and give him a shave…. “Dr. Luther, do you think you could help me learn to pray better?”

Martin Luther was not only a leader in the 16th century Protestant Reformation, but he was also more importantly a diligent student of Scripture. Because of his study, Luther had come to develop a simple but effective way to structure a life of devotion through prayer.

Luther’s wisdom on the topic of prayer has been published in a booklet entitled A Simple Way to Pray. Of this work, R.C. Sproul has said, “No book has done more to revolutionize my personal prayer life than this little book by Martin Luther. I would recommend it for every Christian’s library.” 

Now Dr. Sproul has brought this title to life in the form of a new children’s book and audiobook, The Barber Who Wanted to Pray. This imaginative tale, based on a true story, begins one evening with Mr. McFarland leading family devotions. When his daughter asks him how she should pray, Mr. McFarland shares a 500-year-old story about a barber and his famous customer.

Master Peter is a barber well-known to all in his village. One day, when Martin Luther the Reformer walks into his shop, the barber musters up the courage to ask the outlawed monk how to pray. Luther responds by writing a letter to the barber. The barber’s life and many others’ are changed as they encounter a model for prayer by using the Lord’s Prayer, the Ten Commandments, and the Apostles’ Creed.

In honor of Reformation Day, we are making the audiobook, narrated by R.C. Sproul, available as a free download through Reformation Day (Oct. 31). You can also pre-order the CD version of this story or buy the hardcover illustrated children’s book published by our friends at Crossway. May you and your family benefit from this helpful resource on prayer.

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