Has God Done Enough For This World?

from Sep 08, 2011 Category: Articles

Our culture gets angry when Christians say that Jesus is the only way to God. In their minds a loving God would have surely provided a banquet of ways to come to Him so that the whole world could feast upon His mercy. Jesus is simply too narrow of a message. If Jesus is all God has provided this world, then He hasn’t done enough.

How would you respond to such attitudes?

In R.C. Sproul’s commentary on John he offers a heart-warming biblical response. As he puts the gospel into perspective, he shows that it’s actually the wrong question to ask, “Why is there only one way to God?” The real question is, “Why is there even one way?”

Suppose there actually is a God in heaven, and suppose this God created the world and everything in it. Suppose that, in the process of making myriad species of birds, fish, and animals, He formed human beings in His image and gave them the most exalted position in all of creation. Suppose He said, “You will be holy, even as I am holy,” and gave them only one command to obey—but fifteen minutes after He made them, these human beings revolted against Him by doing the very thing he had commanded them not to do. Suppose God then said, “I’m going to provide a way for you to escape My judgment,” and He then called Abraham out of paganism, brought him to Himself, and said, “I’m going to make you the father of a great nation.” Suppose that He blessed all the descendants of Abraham, expanded them into a whole nation, and said, “Through this nation I’m going to bless the whole world”—but this nation repeatedly turned against Him. Suppose God sent prophets to these people to tell them to come back to Him, just as an unfaithful spouse returns to his or her partner—but the people killed the prophets. Suppose God finally said, “I love you so much, even though you are a stiff-necked people, that I’m going to send My eternal, only begotten Son to you”—but the people rose up against His Son and crucified Him. Suppose that God loved the people enough in all of this that while they were in the very act of killing His Son, He transferred the sins of His people to His Son and said: “If you’ll put your trust in Him, if you’ll confess your sins and believe in Him, if you’ll turn your gaze upon Jesus, you will not experience death. I’m going to give you eternal life with no pain, no tears, no evil, and no darkness.” If God were to do all that, would you have the insolence to say to Him, “God, You haven’t done enough for this world that hates You”?

How humbling it is to consider the great love and mercy of our God. All praise to the One who has not only done enough for this world, but has done immeasurably more than we deserve.