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  • Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus

    from Nathan W. Bingham Apr 10, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    The twentieth-century British pastor D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones said, "If we only spent more of our time in looking at Christ we should soon forget ourselves." Fixing our eyes on Christ is the first step and the entire path of the Christian life. Keep Reading
  • The Challenge of Same-Sex Unions

    from Nathan W. Bingham Apr 05, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    In the world but not of the world? From the very beginning, the church has faced the challenge of responding to external events, trends, ideologies, and controversies. By definition, the church does not get to choose these challenges, but they have been thrust upon Christians by the world. The question always comes down to this: What now? Keep Reading
  • Jesus: The Only Savior

    from Nathan W. Bingham Apr 03, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    I cannot imagine an affirmation that would meet with more resistance from contemporary Westerners than the one Paul makes in 1 Timothy 2:5: “For there is one God, and there is one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus.” This declaration is narrow and downright un-American. We have been inundated with the viewpoint that there are many roads that lead to heaven, and that God is not so narrow that He requires a strict allegiance to one way of salvation. If anything strikes at the root of the tree of pluralism and relativism, it is a claim of exclusivity to any one religion. A statement such as Paul makes in his first letter to Timothy is seen as bigoted and hateful. Keep Reading
  • Columns from Tabletalk Magazine, April 2012

    from Nathan W. Bingham Apr 02, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    The April edition of Tabletalk is out. This month's issue explores the God-centered life. With all levels of society pressuring Christians to pursue their own esteem and desires improperly, the necessity for addressing narcissism and combating it with a God-centered worldview gains even more importance. Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with William Barcley, Michael Horton, Robert Letham, Albert Mohler, R.C. Sproul Jr., Justin Taylor, Derek Thomas, Bernie Van Eyk, Guy Prentiss Waters, and Trevin Wax. Tabletalk features articles about topics central to the Christian faith and daily, in-depth Bible studies with featured columns by contributors such as Michael Haykin and David Murray. Keep Reading
  • Scripture and Science in Conflict?: An Interview With Stephen C. Meyer

    from Nathan W. Bingham Mar 29, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    Tabletalk: What is your book Signature in the Cell all about? Keep Reading
  • Fallacious History

    from Nathan W. Bingham Mar 27, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    One of the most pressing but invisible threats to Christian thinking at the present time is that of fallacious history. Like carbon monoxide, it can kill; you just do not notice it is happening until it is too late. Fallacious history comes in numerous forms. The most obvious and influential are those pushed by popular culture. Movies are the primary culprits here. So powerful are the aesthetics of modern cinema that the stories the movies tell can be compelling for no other reason than that they seem so real. Thus, if there is a movie in which Americans crack the Enigma code in the Second World War, then the common assumption is, well, the Americans cracked the Enigma Code. (It was actually the British who did so.) Keep Reading
  • Christian Parenting

    from Nathan W. Bingham Mar 22, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    Allie was having a rough night. She had already been disciplined once for slapping one of the pastor's sons across the face, and she had just done it again, this time to his brother. Her mother was humiliated and frustrated. Allie was angry, ashamed, and hopeless as she sat in her room awaiting the consequences. Keep Reading
  • It’s Not About You

    from Nathan W. Bingham Mar 13, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    After a particularly difficult marriage counseling session early in my first year of ministry, I called a mentor to debrief and decompress. He patiently heard me out and then offered a convicting assessment: “It sounds as if you’re more concerned about being right than you are about the couple you are counseling.” I knew immediately that he was right, but I made a mild protest and changed the subject. I didn’t want to face that truth about myself. It’s still hard to face the facts, but I can see now that in many different areas of my ministry, the focus has shifted from selfless service to selfish gain. It’s all about me. Keep Reading
  • The Coming of the Kingdom

    from Nathan W. Bingham Mar 08, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    The gospel of Mark is notable for its lack of extended accounts of Jesus' teaching. Furthermore, Mark gives us noticeably fewer parables than do Matthew and Luke. However, in chapter 4 of his gospel, Mark records four parables. He begins with the lengthy parable of the sower, then follows with three short, pithy parables, each clearly communicating one central idea, as do most parables. All three of these parables teach us something about the kingdom of God. Keep Reading
  • Theological Narcissism

    from Nathan W. Bingham Mar 06, 2012 Category: Tabletalk Magazine

    Our self-centeredness is the heart of our pride and the foundation of our rebellion against God. We not only want to know as God knows, we want to inform God in what He knows. Just as our archnemesis deceived our first parents, so we, too, often fall prey to his schemes when we ignore God's law, negotiate our selfish desires with God, compromise His truth, rationalize our sin, and then attempt to hide from Him by closing our eyes and pretending He doesn't see us. Keep Reading