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  • Wherever the Word Is, There Is God - Ligonier Leadership Conference (IV)

    from Chris Donato Oct 20, 2009 Category: Events

    During His temptation in the wilderness nothing less than the messianic kingship of God's anointed was at stake. We see this especially with respect to the temptation involving "all the kingdoms of the world" (Matt. 4:8). Who was the real prince? Jesus or Satan? Ultimately at stake, then, was victory over Satan's kingdom by the kingdom of God.  Keep Reading
  • The Godness of God - Ligonier Leadership Conference (III)

    from Robert Rothwell Oct 20, 2009 Category: Events

    Like many people, I did not grow up in a Reformed church, and Calvinism was often used as a dirty word in some of the churches I attended. Although when I was younger I often concurred with that evaluation of Reformed theology, I have to admit that I did find myself wrestling with those biblical passages that portray the absolute sovereignty of the Lord. I also wondered how God could truly be called God if, as I was often taught, He "limited" His sovereignty so that He was not truly in charge of the decisions of men and women. Keep Reading
  • Religious in All Things - Ligonier Leadership Conference (II)

    from Nicholas Batzig Oct 20, 2009 Category: Events

    Dr. Sproul opened the Ligonier leadership conference with the words of Acts 17:16-28, the well-known account of Paul in the Areopagus. When Paul came into this city, instead of being overwhelmed by its art or Aristotelian philosophy, he was rather distressed in spirit over the idolatry in the city. Paul made a statement that was dripping with sarcasm: "Men, I see that in all things you are very religious." He was not commending their attempts at worship, he was showing them the futility of their idolatry. They were essentially religious idolaters. Keep Reading
  • Forgotten Providence - Ligonier Leadership Conference (I)

    from Robert Rothwell Oct 20, 2009 Category: Events

    Dr. Sproul appropriately kicks off Ligonier's Pillars of the Christian Faith leadership conference with a message on creation and providence, which are foundational elements of any worldview, let alone the Christian faith. His message on how we often forget the providence of God ought to strike a chord with all of us. We believers spend so much time defending and arguing about creation that we forget about how God not only worked long ago to get things started but He also works today to keep everything going. Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference Blog Round-up

    from Tim Challies Sep 28, 2009 Category: Events

    Last weekend marked the Ligonier Ministries 2009 West Coast conference in Seattle, Washington. Alistair Begg and Michael Horton joined R.C. Sproul in examining the significance of the resurrection of Christ for worship, preaching, apologetics, and other issues. Our friend Alex Chediak was there as well, capturing on the blog some of what transpired. You can read his round-ups below: Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 8 - R.C. Sproul

    from Alex Chediak Sep 26, 2009 Category: Events

    Dr. Sproul brought the conference to a close with a message entitled He Is Risen! -- The Resurrection and Worship. Dr. Sproul read from Exodus 19, the preamble to the giving of the Decalogue. Imagine that you were there: "On the morning of the third day there were thunders and lightnings and a thick cloud on the mountain and a very loud trumpet blast." And Moses was told to warn the people, "lest they break through to the Lord to look and many of them perish." Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 7 - Alistair Begg

    from Alex Chediak Sep 26, 2009 Category: Events

    Dr. Begg returned to the pulpit to bring a message entitled In the Likeness of His Resurrection -- The Bodily Resurrection of the Believer, taking his text from 2 Corinthians 5. He then read a portion of a message that a pastor might deliver at a funeral.  A text that affirms not just the continuity of life, but the resurrection of the physical body.  The Christian's view of death and resurrection ought to be a great apologetic in our day.  There is a reason why graveyards used to be near churches. It makes sense. We have the anticipation of a new heavens and a new earth to look forward to.  Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 6 - Q&A - Begg, Horton, Sproul

    from Alex Chediak Sep 26, 2009 Category: Events

    "What do you think of Barth's view of the resurrection?" HORTON: Barth was considered a fundamentalist among his contemporaries for believing in the bodily resurrection. Others have been more clear.  Many in Germany and in Switzerland at the time denied either the virgin birth or the bodily resurrection or both. Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 5 - Michael Horton

    from Alex Chediak Sep 26, 2009 Category: Events

    Michael Horton began his message reading Paul's Mars Hill sermon from Acts 17.  He then cited a recent Newsweek article from Lisa Miller.  Ms. Miller opined "we're all Hindus now" and her reasoning was (in part) that we all believe in the continuity of life (into an afterlife stage where we play on harps in the clouds, and that sort of thing).  Keep Reading
  • 2009 West Coast Conference - Session 4 - R.C. Sproul

    from Alex Chediak Sep 25, 2009 Category: Events

    In 1965 we had our first son (our daughter was three years old).  My mother was very happy.  She had just received the dress she would be wearing to my ordination ceremony (scheduled to occur 10 days later).  We talked that night, and then she went to sleep.  That night she died in her sleep. I had spoken to her within 8 hours of the moment that I discovered her dead.  Keep Reading