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  • The Gospel of the Gospels

    from Daniel Hyde Jul 02, 2016 Category: Articles

    Quick. What are the Gospels? Time is up. Did you answer: "The Gospels are the biographies of Jesus Christ?" When we read the Gospels as biographies only, we basically look at them like trees apart from the proverbial forest. There is a better way to read and hear them. The Gospels are biography, but they are theological interpretations of the life of Jesus Christ with the purpose of proclaiming the coming of the king of Israel and the inauguration of His kingdom over all the earth. Keep Reading
  • One of the Greatest Questions We Can Ever Ask

    from Derek Thomas Jun 25, 2016 Category: Articles

    Given the universal, pervasive sinfulness of human beings, how can anyone ever be in a right relationship with God? More particularly, how can a human being ever be in a right relationship with a holy God? More particularly still, how is it possible for a just God to justify a sinner? That is one of the greatest questions we can ever ask. Keep Reading