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  • Saint Nicholas and the Origins of Santa Claus

    from Stephen Nichols Dec 24, 2016 Category: Articles

    It might surprise many today to find out that Saint Nicholas (spoiler alert) is a real person after all. Is he the white-bearded man with a red suit, a cap, and a sleigh? Keep Reading
  • What You Need to Know Before Joining a Church

    from R.C. Sproul Dec 17, 2016 Category: Articles

    Before we attend a church, we should know that it is a legitimate church. Now, obviously, if the sign on the front of the church reads “Church of Satan,” we know it isn’t a legitimate body of Christian believers. Keep Reading
  • A Plea to Preachers

    from Sinclair Ferguson Dec 10, 2016 Category: Articles

    We need to return to a true preaching to the heart, rooted in the principle of grace and focused on the person of the Lord Jesus Christ. Keep Reading