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  • Teach Them: About Hell

    from Joel Beeke Jan 14, 2017 Category: Articles

    Children are not too young to die, and therefore they are not too young to think about what will happen to them when they die. They need to hear about the Father's house with its many mansions and the place that Jesus is preparing there for all who love Him and put their trust in Him for salvation. Keep Reading
  • Teach Them: The Seriousness of Sin

    from Joel Beeke Jan 07, 2017 Category: Articles

    As parents, we need to remember that the problem of sin in the heart is the most important thing young ones need to learn. That message should be worded in very simple terms for young children. Keep Reading
  • Best of 2016: Tabletalk Magazine

    from Nathan W. Bingham Jan 06, 2017 Category: Articles

    With 2017 here, we've gone back and collected some of the most popular Tabletalk magazine articles from 2016. Keep Reading
  • Teach Them: Who God Is and What He Is Like

    from Joel Beeke Dec 31, 2016 Category: Articles

    How often do we talk to our children about God and His attributes? God's character is revealed throughout the Bible. The passages that specifically describe the attributes of God are fertile for discussion and for prompting searching questions. We should offer our children balanced teaching about the character of God. Keep Reading