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  • Why Does God Love Us?

    from R.C. Sproul Jr. Jan 31, 2015 Category: Articles

    It might be a sound argument as to why He ought not to love us that we find this question surprising. It is because of our sin, our pride, our egos that we think ourselves worthy of His love, as if we are owed such. The truth is we are by nature rebels against His reign, would-be dei-cides, dead in our trespasses and sins. Keep Reading
  • Solomon’s Sin and Our Sin

    from Ben Dunson Jan 24, 2015 Category: Articles

    The history of the world, and of the church, gives us story after story where the power of loving desire has led many to their ruin. God is love. That is why human love is such a powerful (and dangerous) thing: it easily becomes a false substitute for God's love. If our hearts are not fixed on our Lord, love for others will become all consuming, and as with Solomon, will easily lead our hearts away from God so that we too become "not wholly true to the Lord [our] God" (1 Kings 11:4). Keep Reading