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  • David, Goliath, and You?

    from Ben Dunson Aug 09, 2014 Category: Articles

    I want to examine a classic example from the Old Testament that is often misused to teach a form of sub-Christian moralism in order to see if there is something this example can teach us as believers today, namely the story of David and Goliath. Is David's battle with Goliath an example we are meant to follow? Keep Reading
  • Mega-Churches and Worshipping Incognito

    from R.C. Sproul Jr. Aug 02, 2014 Category: Articles

    Like mega-cities, monstrous churches not only carry the temptation of invisibility, but such is one of their selling points. I've read polls where one key reason why people like their local mega-church is, "You can show up, sit down, and when it's over go home. And no one bothers you." Ouch. Any church receiving such an endorsement ought to blush. Keep Reading