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  • Teach Them: The Atoning Blood of Christ

    from Joel Beeke Feb 11, 2017 Category: Articles

    Our children must learn there is only one way to be saved: by taking refuge by faith under the covering for sin provided by the atoning death and shed blood of Jesus Christ. Keep Reading
  • Teach Them: The Lord Jesus Christ

    from Joel Beeke Feb 04, 2017 Category: Articles

    There is something beautiful about talking to children about Jesus. Painting a portrait of our Savior from the Word of God brings Him to life in the eyes of our children and, we must pray, in their hearts. Many such portraits appear in Scripture (to name only a few: Pss. 23; 45; 63; 72; 89:19–29; 106; 145; 147). Keep Reading
  • Teach Them: The Necessity of the New Birth

    from Joel Beeke Jan 28, 2017 Category: Articles

    Our children need new hearts (Ps. 51:6–7, 10; John 3:3–5), so we should teach them that we are not dealing with their misbehavior as if they were merely being naughty. We must show them that just being outwardly obedient is not sufficient with God. Good behavior impresses parents and teachers, but God looks on the heart (1 Sam. 16:7). Keep Reading