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  • Has God Done Enough For This World?

    from R.C. Sproul Mar 12, 2016 Category: Articles

    Suppose there actually is a God in heaven, and suppose this God created the world and everything in it. Suppose that, in the process of making myriad species of birds, fish, and animals, He formed human beings in His image and gave them the most exalted position in all of creation. Suppose He said, "You will be holy, even as I am holy," and gave them only one command to obey—but fifteen minutes after He made them, these human beings revolted against Him by doing the very thing he had commanded them not to do. Keep Reading
  • The Ordinary Christian Life Is a Radical Life

    from Burk Parsons Mar 05, 2016 Category: Articles

    The ordinary Christian life is not the opposite of the radical Christian life. The ordinary Christian life is a radical life. Keep Reading
  • Recovering an Emphasis on Prayer

    from R.C. Sproul Feb 27, 2016 Category: Articles

    How can we as evangelicals recover the emphasis on prayer in worship that our Reformed forebears understood? Let me mention some ways. Keep Reading