We invite you to apply for admission to our D. Min. program.

Admission to the Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) degree program is limited to ordained men who have served in the pastorate, in the mission field, or other full-time ministry for at least three years after receiving a graduate (professional or academic) degree in a biblical or theological discipline.

Applicants must meet these educational qualifications:

  1. The applicant must possess a graduate degree in a biblical or theological discipline. Ordinarily, the degree will be from a Master of Divinity program. Degrees in fields such as counseling or ministry are not an acceptable substitute.
  2. The applicant must have completed a total of 90 semester hours of graduate-level work, including the following minimums:
    • 18 hours of OT studies, covering introduction, survey, theology, and Hebrew (with at least 2 hours of Hebrew exegesis)
    • 18 hours of NT studies, covering introduction, survey, theology, and Greek (with at least 2 hours of Greek exegesis)
    • 12 hours of systematic theology, covering all theological loci 
    • 10 hours of practical theology (homiletics, missions, counseling, etc.)
    • 6 hours of history or historical theology
    • 2 hours of hermeneutics
  3. Applicants must also submit one sample research paper in some area of biblical or theological studies. The paper should demonstrate a firm grasp of the research and writing skills that are expected of a D.Min. student.

Exceptions to the admission requirements above will be considered on a case-by-case basis. In such exceptional cases, admission to the program may be granted on a provisional basis, or with diploma standing, or both. The conditions for full admission and a date for their fulfillment will be specified in writing to the applicant. Up to that date, he may enroll in courses. When the date for fulfillment of the conditions arrives, the Admissions Committee will conduct a review to determine if the applicant has satisfied those conditions and should be granted or denied full admission to continue in the program, with either degree or diploma standing. Additional details are available by contacting the Admissions Committee.

Download   the Doctor of Ministry Application or complete the form below to apply.