Serving the educational goals of ordained men in pastorates, mission fields, and other full-time ministries

The Doctor of Ministry (D. Min.) degree program emphasizes the application of theology and the means of grace to ministry. This program is for men who desire a deep knowledge of and greater competence in the practice of ministry and consists of eight required courses and a major written project. Each course focuses on a topic in theology or the practice of ministry with a three day condensed course format.

Each of the eight courses have reading and writing assignments. Assignments may be due before, during, or after the lectures. Generally, each course requires reading of no more than 2,000 pages and writing of a major post-course paper. Texts and assignments required for each course are determined by the instructor.

A major written project and oral defense will follow the completion of the eight courses.

Courses on the Practice of Ministry:

1. Reformed Philosophy of Ministry (3 credit hours)
2. Preaching (3 credit hours)
3. Worship (3 credit hours)
4. Missions and Evangelism (3 credit hours)
5. Pastoral Care (3 credit hours) 

Courses on Theology:

1. The Doctrine of Justification (3 credit hours)
2. Issues in Theological Studies (3 credit hours)
3. Issues in Biblical Studies (3 credit hours)


Tuition for the D.Min. program is $350 per credit hour.

Application Deadlines:

All application documents must be received by the Admissions Office no later than the following dates:

  • For Winter Courses: November 1
  • For Summer Courses: May 1


The registrar's office will contact the student with information on registering following his acceptance to the D.Min. program.

Registration Deadlines:

The deadline for registration is November 15 for Winter courses and May 15 for Summer courses.