Through academically rigorous scriptural study, our desire is to offer young minds a deep, meaningful encounter with the author of history, the source of truth, and the sustainer of our faith.

We believe in the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of God's Word—holding that the living and active Word of God is still the greatest need in the world today. Our degree programs are specifically designed to give graduates a thorough knowledge of the English Bible, an introduction to basic principles of hermeneutics, a basic grounding in systematic, biblical, and historical theology, and an appreciation and knowledge of the context of Scripture and scriptural interpretation throughout church history and in the broader history of ideas through a Great Works emphasis. Knowledge of the classic works of literature, philosophy, and music not only is essential to basic literacy; many of these works also shaped the intellectual world within which the great theologians of the church lived and wrote.

Reformation Bible College is offering the following undergraduate degree programs:

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